Frequently Asked Questions
Updated 2.11.2014

Where is Leesburg, VA?

   Leesburg is located in Loudoun County, in the Virginia Piedmont between the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Potomac River, 35 miles northwest of downtown Washington, D.C.
   It was established in 1758, has a population of about 37,000 people, and is one of the fastest growing communities in the country (population doubled between 1990 and 2001).  Leesburg celebrated it’s 250th anniversary in 2008.

What about transportation?

   Leesburg is 15 miles from Washington Dulles International Airport and is also home to Leesburg Executive Airport (Godfrey Field) a commercial and general aviation facility. The Maryland Rail Commuter Train offers service to and from Washington, D.C., from Point of Rocks, Md., about 12 miles north of Leesburg.
   The town is also accessible via the W&OD Trail, a hiking/biking trail that runs from Arlington, through Leesburg and on to Purcellville, Virginia, along the bed of the former Washington & Old Dominion Railroad, but also has connecting trails into Washington DC and Maryland.

What other amenities are in that area?

   Leesburg has an abundance of restaurant and shopping options, but only occupies about a 12 square mile area. The immediate surrounding area is rich with history (particularly the Civil War), is one of the most popular "antiquing" areas in the region, has a large number of wineries, a booming equine community and more.
   In addition, Washington DC is about a 40 minute drive or train ride away, so Leesburg and the surrounding area are very "family friendly" with lots of options beyond the Cirque. It really is a wonderful and interesting area to visit, and not just for the Cirque.

What about the cost of goods and services?

   While the area has a lot to offer, the basic economics of the Washington area means that prices are typical for the region surrounding a larger USA city. 

What about the host hotel?

    The Best Western Leesburg Hotel and Conference Center, 726 E Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia will be "Event Headquarters", combining hotel facilities with "social" areas and event space. See more detailed information and pictures of the hotel under the “Hotel Info” link on our main page.

What is the best way to transfer from the airport to the host hotel?

   The hotel provides complimentary transport from and to Dulles airport, but only between 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM. You have to make those arrangements directly with the hotel and you’ll need your flight number, time of arrival, etc.
   It’s best to call the hotel directly at 703-777-5573 to make arrangements. If others are arriving at similar times, you may have to wait for everyone to arrive so that trips can be consolidated.

 What about camping?  Are there campgrounds or campsites near by?

   Unfortunately, there is really no camping near by. The are a number of rustic campsites scattered along the Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Canal National Park, which runs along the Potomac River east of Leesburg. These campsites could be 10 to 20 miles away, depending on their location along the C&O.   
   The C&O Canal National Park runs all the way from Brunswick MD to Washington DC, a distance of about 185 miles, and includes a tow path that, while unpaved, is otherwise bicycle friendly.
   Gambrill State Park in Maryland also has camping available, but is located about 30 miles north of Leesburg.  

 What is the terrain like in the area, and what are the rides like?

   In general, the terrain around the Leesburg area is best described as "rolling hills".  Not flat, but not really what would be described as "hilly" either. The town of Leesburg occupies just 12 square miles, is an old town (250 years this year) with narrow roads, and is quite congested. However, you can be out of town and in the surrounding countryside pretty quickly. The best way to do that is by using the W&OD bike path, which is about 1.5 miles from the hotel. 
   Most roads to the West are similar, and run through rolling countryside and farm land. Roads to the East are a bit flatter, and the area is much more developed and “suburbanized”. We try to rourinely redesign the rides and we will try to pick routes that have no major climbs.

What about shipping bikes to Le Cirque?

   The host hotel can receive and store bikes that are shipped there.  We will have a portable work-stand and basic tools at the hotel and available for loan.